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About Our School


Independence Academy provides each student a safe, relevant and rigorous learning environment. We believe students with conduct and social-emotional struggles deserve a high quality education and are able to learn the interpersonal development skills necessary to be successful in school, their community and with their lifelong goals. Our staff is well equipped to serve students of diverse needs and backgrounds as well as students in special education. Each student who enters our school has the opportunity for a new start and the appropriate programming to meet their academic, social-emotional, and mental health needs. We work hard to form strong relationships with our students and families. It is important for us to know each student and family by name, strength and need.

Our program focuses on four key expectations:

W: Work Hard

  • Students will actively work on their personal learning goals

O: Own your behaviors

  • Students will learn to take responsibility for their behaviors and actions

L: Listen and learn

  • Students will participate in their learning

F: Focus on safety and respect

  • Students will maintain boundaries, keeping hands and feet to themselves
  • Students will respect others and use property appropriately

Courses Offered:


Middle School and High School Math courses will be offered in a blended instruction format. For students who are not performing on grade level, they will engage with a curriculum called Number Worlds. For students who are performing at or above grade level, they will join the Number Worlds learning when appropriate or will access district, grade level courses online through ALEKS or Edgenuity.


Instruction is delivered through the reading and writing workshop model. Students who have deficits in their reading and writing skills or are performing below grade level will receive intensive, individualized, small group instruction within the classroom setting.


Instruction will be delivered using an online format called Edgenuity. Special education staff will be monitoring class at all times and will provide support as needed.


This course is designed to meet the individualized social emotional needs of each student. The majority of the instruction is whole group instruction with a lot time set aside for role playing new skills. This course also provides students an opportunity to use group social skills in order to have informed discussions about the challenges that students face at school, at home or in their community. This course uses district curriculum, in combination with other tools and models for the learning and growth of students, including: Positive Actions, BASE Education, Kagan Strategies, Mindfulness, and team building activities.